Louise Lansdown and Tony Alcock are delighted to welcome you to Milford Music @ 13 Milford Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9RL. With over 50 years of music performing and teaching experience between them Louise and Tony have got so much to share with you all – don’t miss out!

We will begin running small residential music, performance and life-coaching courses from our new home in Milford Road, starting in June 2021. We are excited to be able to share our beautiful new home with you doing what we love best in the world, and are thrilled to be able to share music and our knowledge during a few days of intensive learning, fun and building friendships. You will have nothing to worry about – just get yourself here safely and the rest is up to us!

Courses will include the following specialisms – viola, double bass, chamber music, performance and life-coaching. Each course can accommodate a maximum of four residential participants and one additional non-residential participant.  As we emerge from COVID-19 the whole world is living for the moment when human contact can resume, and we are wasting no time to safely begin this process in a small, personal and inspiring context!


    First Name


    Telephone/ Mobile

    Your email

    Date of birth



    Dietary Requirements

    Which course are you applying for?

    Please list the repertoire you would like to study and perform on the course?
    (Do bring your own piano scores for the repertoire you are playing)

    Are you happy to take part in ensemble and performance class activities as part of the course?

    Do you have any special requests of areas you would like to focus on during the course?

    What each music course includes:

    • Accommodation (private bedroom, shared bathroom)
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee (no wine provided, but purchase if you require)
    • Wi-fi provided
    • Music stands will be provided for use in the house
    • Towels/bedding will be provided
    • Individual lesson each day
    • Ensemble lesson each day
    • Bite sized technique and focus sessions each day for the group
    • Performance Classes
    • Session either in person or online with another expert. This session might take the form of a discussion or performance.
    • Scheduled rehearsal with a pianist and opportunity to perform informally

    Milford Music Course dates for 2021

    25-27 June  “Young Violists 1”
    2-4 July  “Young Violists 2”
    9-11 July  “Amateur violists 1”
    16-18 July  “Amateur String Quartet 1”
    27-29 August “Amateur Double Bass 1”
    2-4 September “Amateur Double Bass 2”
    Booking for courses in June/July 2021 closes on 10 May and for course in August/September on 21 June.

    Residential: £375
    Non-residential: £200